What is Meditation

Stilling your mind through meditation is a great way you can overcome negative thinking.

Meditation is the act of observing your thoughts and the emotions associated with those thoughts, but instead of reacting or fighting the thoughts and emotions you’re simply witnessing them, seeing them as not part of you and in this way you can consciously let go of negative self talk and negative or worrying thoughts. Freely allowing your thoughts to just happen you start to subconsciously detach from the emotional impact your thoughts have on your every day life and simply see it as a neutral more manageable experience.

When you try to fight your thoughts (your inner critic) your emotions associated with these thoughts become stronger. Through meditation we can accept each thought as valid but not necessarily true by bring your awareness to it. The act of accepting and becoming aware of which thoughts might cause you depression, anxiety and worry is the first step to healing and releasing them.

Meditation is an inner journey of discovery and of letting go. Through meditation you find a deeper connection with your true essence, your higher self and all that you are. Meditation brings peace and balance to your life so you don’t need to look for external situations to bring you that balance and peace. Through meditation you feel empowered, a deep sense of all is well. 

Through meditation we can connect to the divine (the universe) and source energy. It’s a vehicle which helps us to transform on a deeper level than just mind and body. Meditation helps us to raise our levels of consciousness rather than staying trapped in lower vibrations and patterns or habits which are no longer working for us. It helps us to release fear, jealousy, frustration, anxiety, depression and many more lower energies. 

I’ve been meditating for many years and learned that meditation can have many different layers if you choose to still your mind.

You can set your intention for your meditation and be open to receive messages and guidance from your spirit team. Your intention should be positive and can be a question you have around your job, relationship, health etc.

Using mantras during meditation helps to anchor these positive statements for you and is a great way to start your day.

During meditation you can also connect with your spirit guides or might sense that they are there.

Through meditation you become empowered, enthusiastic, fearless, caring and giving, courageous and strong, intuitive and creative and more open to receive, you start to see the beauty around you, feel a deeper sense of love for yourself and want to share that love with all living things. You learn to take control of your own life and start to look at the big picture instead of worrying about the little things. Things and situations no longer feel so hard as you see them in a different perspective or have let go of them completely.

You become of aware of the world around you and look at ways you can make it a better place. You feel enthusiasm for making a positive difference in this world. After meditation you feel more grounded and have a deeper sense of purpose, an inner knowing. 

If you can make meditation part of your day, only for 10-20 minutes a day, you will feel the difference it makes to your life.

7 Point Star Chakra Clearing Meditation

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