“It’s hard to even find the words to explain how amazing my healing session with Natali was. I felt like a suit laden with weights had been removed from my body and I felt free. I didn’t realise how clouded my mind was and what it felt like to be able to see clearly again. I found out what was holding me back and what I needed to do to move forward and achieve the things I want to do. I woke up the next day seeing a different person in the mirror, feeling happier and more love for myself. I can’t recommend Natali highly enough, she is amazingly talented and willing to share her gift to help others. You need to see her if you want to remove blocks and find YOU again!”

– Nicole Smith
Creator of Social Marque & The Nicole Smith


“Natali helped me to explore a deeper level of myself. She guided me to find my true potential and to reveal and access what was locked down for so long.”

– Susan

“I went to see Natali not knowing what to expect. All I knew was that I felt broken, stressed and had a heavy heart. During the session, Natali made me feel safe and relaxed and within minutes I started feeling the weight lift. I went into my session half a person and left feeling like I could conquer the world.”

– John

“My son had really bad night terrors which meant that nights with broken sleep for the household was always on the cards. Natali helped us get our lives back. Her friendly but gentle approach with our son was totally amazing and the miracles which came from working with Natali was beyond what we ever expected”

– Jenny

“This was my first experience with Reiki. Natali was incredibly professional and her warm and calming manner immediately put me at ease. The experience was powerful and surreal and extremely relaxing throughout. I walked away from the session feeling a tremendous sense of wellbeing – physically, mentally and emotionally. I highly recommend Natali”

– Kathryn Todd
Founder of Stand Tall Physiotherapy


“I went into my Reiki session not knowing what to expect. Natali made me feel very comfortable and at ease. During the session I felt like this onion layer had come off, that I was able to let go of everything and I felt this new normal and that I could finally start working on new and exciting things which were coming up for me in my life and business. I can’t recommend Reiki enough, it helps you move through blocks which are holding you back and if you are looking to have Reiki I highly recommend Natali”

– Kathryn Eggins
Wellness Coach & Mentor at Kathryn Eggins


“One of the most deeply relaxing things I have ever experienced. Natali has an amazing ability to make people feel better. I always felt so exhausted and it was taking over my life – it made me feel depressed and I did not feel like going outside anymore. After only one session with Natali it completely changed, I don’t know how … but it did. I felt so much lighter and now have plenty of energy to do the things I love.”

– Nicole
New York

“Natali is pretty awesome. She intuitively picked up on an old injury I had without me even having to tell her. She is compassionate and there 100% for her clients. She really listens to you. What I really liked is that Natali does not just heal physical pain but she also intuitively picked up on past life issues so she can help you to clear that too. Natali is naturally gifted and I would recommend her to anyone, anytime. Go check her out!”

– Nora Benyahya
Authority Marketing Mentor, Coach & Author


“Natali was amazing during my Reiki session. She has this beautiful presence, magic hands and put me totally at ease. The messages she gave to me after the session really helped me to move forward on something that was blocking me for a while. I highly recommend Natali if you want to break through anything which has been holding you back for a long time”

– Luanne Mareen
Creator of Goddess on Purpose


“Natali is gentle and yet so strong in her approach to healing and was able to pinpoint something in my childhood which stopped me in my tracks and had an impact on my business success. Natali helped me to shift it and she guided me to overcome this block which was beautiful and freeing.”

– Marie Alessi
Founder at Muse Coaching


“I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from my Reiki session with Natali but knew I was looking forward to it. What I experienced was absolute calmness and I felt myself drifting into a place I really enjoyed being. With life being so demanding and busy it was a wonderful opportunity to focus on relaxation and me. Natali was so calm and gentle and once she finished the session she informed me of some areas that were brought to her attention during the session, things you kind of knew was going on but you don’t always know what they are. Things which are niggling at you all the time. Natali also worked on my back pain and I felt an instant relief after the session. I can highly recommend this experience with Natali, she is amazing, her gentle way certainly rubs off on a person, and when you leave there you feel focused and revitalised. Thank you Natali!!!”

– Janine Schultz
Founder at Natural Style