In order to release that which holds you back, you have to be ready to let go!


Do you want to find out how energy blocks and limiting beliefs can be affecting your life and business?
Renew your energy, discover what needs to be shifted inside of you to feel more connected with yourself
Overcome procrastination and self sabotage, find out what truly matters to you and eliminate self doubt
Shift negative self talk, beliefs and habits to boost your self esteem and raise your energy vibration
Re-balance stress and overwhelm with energy healing, meditation and transformational tools
Clear manifesting and abundance blocks which stops you from having the life or business you desire
Take charge of your health and wellbeing, embrace your unique self, feel great and become the hero of your life story
Discover your true purpose and be the energy you want to attract
Experience transformation and growth in your life, work and business
You can heal and clear energetic blocks to bring balance to your mind, body and spirit – you can feel great again
You are on this earth for a reason, to do magical things, to stretch your boundaries, to experience life
Together we can remove negative energy blocks, heal your life and reveal the magic in you!


To clear away the old stuff which is holding you back and make way for new possibilities, new ideas and a healthier, happier you.


One-on-One Coaching

Experience one-on-one coaching with a difference – healing, overcoming, transforming and lifting you to a higher space of purpose and self love.


Upcoming Events

A life of love, success, courage – a life where you feel empowered and can manifest your dreams and desires.


Reiki Courses

Learn Reiki – Usui Reiki is a wonderful natural healing method using universal energy. It is an amazing way to maintain wellness for yourself and help others too.


“Not only did I thoroughly love my Reiki session where I felt so relaxed and nurtured but the calmness you feel around Natali and the knowledge and understanding she brings made me want to work with her more and I decided to book additional life coaching sessions. I felt that working with Natali was a comfortable safe space for her to help me through some of my life's challenges. Natali gave me the strength to acknowledge my past, address it and release it. Natali's spiritual & soulful tips helps me everyday to assist me on my life's journey and I feel better in myself and future because of my time with her. I have no exact words to say other than that Natali is amazing, and I am looking forward to continuing this healing and spiritual journey with her. Thank you again.... xxxx”

Lisa ChamberlainNew Zealand

“"Natali is a wonderful healer and coach who is positive, uplifting, organised, reliable and delivers a truly holistic programme. She guided me to break through old ways of doing, while healing old hurts. This lead to learning new ways to think, be positive and in control of my life. I have a practical tool kit which utilises a range of ways to stay aligned with who I am and my purpose in life. I am enjoying the now and looking forward to the future which I am in control of. As I go over the material we covered I feel happy and continue to be empowered on my life journey. The coaching delivered everything I wanted to cover and more. I feel happy and at peace even when life doesn't go according to "my plan". Thank you so much Natali, I am blessed to have met you and worked with you. This is the most powerful, uplifting and positive change I have ever made for myself. If you want real change on an holistic level then I highly recommend Natali to you"”

Anthea M JohnsonNew Zealand

“Where do I start.. Natali has a true talent.. It's so hard to describe what she can do for you. Relaxation in her presence..calm ..brings emotion and thoughts right out of you and settles your soul.. She makes you feel happy and enjoy who you are. She also picks up any issues you are having, which you know you are having but you are ignoring..Just so so thankful that she has taken ME into her life and that now she is in mine. xxx Feeling so thankful x”

Donna CableNew Zealand

“Natali, I can't thank you enough for the profound, positive impact you have had not only on my life, but my husband and daughter's as well. Our sessions with you have brought such a positive change into our lives as individuals and as a family.
After having my first Reiki session with you I experienced the feeling of what I can only describe as seeing through my own eyes for the first time. Having my sessions with you has really brought the best out in me and provided me with so much clarity and confidence in myself, and my future. I really appreciate your combination of professionalism and personal interest in every session. You are a true talent and amazing person. Thank you!”

Mandy LawrensonNew Zealand