Uplifting, Transforming & Revealing The Real You!

In order to release that which holds you back, you have to be ready to let go!



Heal past hurts, physical and emotional pain
Renew your energy and feel more positive about life
Find out who you really are and what to do with this new found knowledge
Take charge of your health and wellbeing, embrace your gorgeousness, feel great and become the hero of your life story
Feel more connected with your inner self and find out what truly matters to you and bring you back to your center
Find out more about your true purpose and be the energy you want to attract
Experience transformation and growth in your life, work and business
You can heal emotional pain and ease physical pain to bring balance to your mind, body and spirit – you can feel great again.
You are on this earth for a reason, to do magical things, to stretch your boundaries, to experience life.
Together we can remove negative energy blocks, heal your life and reveal the magic in you!


To clear away the old stuff which is holding you back and make way for new possibilities, new ideas and a healthier, happier you.


One-on-One Coaching

Experience one-on-one coaching with a difference – healing, overcoming, transforming and lifting you to a higher space of purpose and self love.


Upcoming Workshops

A life of love, success, courage – a life where you feel empowered and can manifest your dreams and desires.


“I was lucky enough to very recently have had my very first Reiki session with Natali. From the get go I could feel the energy shifting around me. After quite a tumultuous week, it was the most amazing experience. I felt so comfortable and fell asleep for a while during the session. When the session was finished I could sense that my whole perspective on life has changed. I felt positive, motivated, relaxed and like Natali has created space for personal growth – exactly what I needed. Her feedback after the session was really insightful, and I can feel the energy continuing to shift and heal. Thank you so much Natali for assisting me on my path to healing! You are amazing!”  Minnie Mudrovcic, New Zealand

“Natali is an absolute angel. The Reiki sessions I had with her helped heal me and she helped me recognise my potential. I went for Reiki after I fractured my wrist and was feeling low generally. Through her gentle and calming Reiki sessions I felt a lot of weight lifted from me and I started to see all the colour come back into my life. After not knowing what to expect at the first session I really began to look forward to this magical time as they left me feeling so alive, peaceful and full of love. My wrist healed extremely well and I superseded all expectations from medical staff. After the Reiki was complete I then stepped forward to work with Natali as a life coach, and this has been phenomenal so far.” Anthea M Johnson, New Zealand

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